The Human Pet Connection

Earlier today as I was walking Darko, we stopped to say hello to a beautiful Golden with her human. I asked what he (the human) thought of when he saw his girl every morning. He said , “It’s all about her eyes”…. “She just sees my soul”…. We spoke for a few minutes. Darko was enamored, she was quite the lady.

So, what is it about the eyes of a dog? We’ve noticed how Darko stares at us, not just looking at us, but really connecting. Complete eye contact. It’s that attachment, the look of “I love you” that leads me to believe just how intuitive dogs are with their humans. They give us so much. Silent messaging that literally connects with our souls.

What do you think about in the morning when you greet your friend? Is it the wag? The eyes? What is it with your connection? Please, share with us and others. Dogs are incredibly special. We are super thankful for Darko. He is our joy in the morning… nothing like it!

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