Dogs & Kids…..

Everyday, I am thankful for Darko. Humbled by the way this beautiful creature makes me feel. It’s joy, elation and just a good old feeling of happiness.

Can you imagine what joy a dog can bring to a child? Yesterday, we had a visitor. His name is Josiah. An incredible kid. Well mannered, humble and respectful. He came to work with his mom because school was cancelled due to the winds and power issues in Southern California. It was so nice to have him, not just for me, but for Darko. As you might agues, they were instant friends.

So, what is it about dogs and kids? There is no denying that kids are drawn to animals. There is a special joy shared when a dog wants to play with you, sit by you, lick you and just hang out. As a result, it may just be that little added emotional support, maybe it’s knowing that the dog just wants to make you happy… Consequently, the wagging tail creates an entirely elevating emotion!

Josiah reading to Darko was amazing to watch. Gift given, gift received. A bond made and joy shared. Darko listened, Josiah was all smiles!

Dogs, as you know, are incredible friends. If possible start them early with children. You will do a favor for the dog and you’ll be giving a child a gift they will always remember….. love, joy, play-time and a best friend. Although a little additional work at first, puppies evolve into a wonderful companion…..

How is your dog with kids? Share with us!

Happy Halloween !


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